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About Advoc8app

Advoc8app seeks to give users the opportunity to make their voices heard through various types of advocacy. From messaging legislators directly to finding protests near you, advoc8app is your number #1 resource for elevating and taking action on your passions. Advoc8app gives users the opportunity to mobilize in three main ways:

  • 1) Legislative Advocacy: Direct mechanism for messaging government representatives through email and phone calls. Users will pick issues that are important to them and get an issue-specific notification to send a message to their representatives.
  • 2) Direct Advocacy: The app includes a database of protests and demonstrations happening in areas across the country. This allows users to find a physical way to mobilize if they are looking to attend a protest or demonstration.
  • 3) Urgent Advocacy: This part of the app will deal with issues happening in real-time. For example, if a natural disaster occurs, users can sign petitions, donate money, or send messages of solidarity. This centralization of information will allow users to find ways to help as urgent events strike.

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